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The process is simple.  Contact a member who can sponsor you as a candidate.  If you do know a member, call the Public Information Officer (618-782-1422) and this person will sponsor you. 

No special skills are required. AVEC will train you in the areas you are interested in such as Water SAR, Ground SAR, Radio Communications, Office Administration, etc. CPR and Blood Borne Pathogen certification required. If you are not certified, AVEC has Certified Trainers to teach you this course. Age requirement of 18 years old or older, however you must be 21 or older to drive AVEC vehicles or boats.

You will then be asked to attend a meeting.  Prior to the meeting, you will fill out an application form.  After the meeting you will be asked to stay and meet with the Executive Board who will go over the regulations of AVEC. 

After you have attended your third meeting, you will be eligible for a pager if you choose to carry one.   

 No members are allowed to use blue lights until after their nine month probation period is over. 


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